The Spirit of Africa resides in all of us. We provide an outlet to uplift it.


Self-expression is a powerful component of who we are as human beings. Our aim is to enable creative self-expression that is at the centre of humanity for individuals all over the world. We look at self-expression from several filters; Music & Dance, Arts, Identity and Street Culture. "Self-expression is the dominant necessity of human nature" it reflects the continuing growth of embracing your uniqueness and individuality. It focuses on being confident in your own skin and asserting yourself in your truest form. The very power of self-expression lies in being your true and authentic self, and here at AYEEKO, we honor your quest of personal discovery and individual self expression.

What we do? Simple Sneaker Design, Endless Possibilities!

We make footwears that speak to the uniqueness of the African Heritage.

Inspired by both contemporary and ancient African tribal patterns, forms and symbols, our footwears come in incredible combinations of designs, making it easy for you to assert identity, individuality, uniqueness and passion. The possibilities are endless. There is one AYEEKO sneaker for each person. Which AYEEKO are you?

Our Slogan: AYEEKO!

The word ayeeko (“eye-yeh-koo”) —also spelled ayekoo and ayikoo— comes from the Twi dialect of the Akan people of Ghana, meaning “Well done” "Good Job" or “Congratulations” We chose this slogan to celebrate and uplift the creative expression and joy of individuals all over the world.

AYEEKO is for all the non-conformists, the Bold & Brave, the "Creative", and to all those who find power in being their true and authentic self. AYEEKO, AYEEKO, AYEKOO!

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Our Values

Together we can make the World Greener.

We believe fashion can be sustainable. That's why we give second life to materials that would otherwise end up in a trash by recycling them. Moreover, all our footwears are produce only on demand upon purchase therefore leaving ZERO burden to the environment.

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Fabrics and Materials

100% Green and Recycled Material.

When it comes to crafting and designing our footwear, deciding which fabrics and materials to choose from, is what matters the most. Here's a quick description of our fabrics and materials and their most outstanding qualities.

Recycled Cork, Pet Fabrics, Veganoa, Hemp, Recycled Clothing, Recycled Plastic Bottle Tops & Recycled Cork Craps

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The PrinceFounder & CEO

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The PrinceFounder & CEO